2012-03-14 / News


{Council Highlights and Other Stuff}
Chris Frost

S Lorraine Cervantes announced that she will be honored by the former Community Redevelopment Agency. SJanna Zurita said it was nice, but “who is going to pay for it?” S Maria Villareal from the Compton Latino Chamber of Commerce announced a program to help local businesses and said she attempted to work with Zurita on the program but she cancelled meetings. S Zurita said she had an excuse and did not blow her off. S Joyce Kelly said Zurita’s outburst is unprofessional, and that is why she is being recalled S Villareal left the meeting and Zurita followed her into the lobby to speak to her. SVal Dudley said even though there is only permitted street parking in Richland Farms, last week there were 77 unpermitted cars parked in the neighborhood. SKelly said the city is dirty and it should be cleaned up. S Lillie Dobson said she is working on doing something rather than talking about it. SKelly said she is only the watchdog and it is the job of the paid Council members to handle it. S Kelly accused city employees and local residents of taking kickbacks for business licenses for non-compliant endeavors. S Lynne Boone said if Council members watch the tape of the meeting, they will see they are a joke. S Boone said the city needs more money and free rides for organizations like Meals on Wheels must stop.

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