2012-03-28 / News


{Council Highlights and Other Stuff}
Chris Frost

SJoyce Kelly called the new transit center peculiar looking, and said the restrooms are locked. S Lynne Boone thanked Bryan Batiste for sending code enforcement to her neighborhood, calling the action great. SBoone called the city government, congresswoman and assemblyman broken and in need of repair. SBoone said if Compton is going to change for the better in 2013 the liars and nontrustable people need to be removed. SDavid Irons said he wants the Los Angeles County Health Department to call him about removing the porta-potties from the parks. He said he is not a dog or a horse and is worried that a park camera will catch him going to the bathroom at a park. He said older people and children have to go. S Arthur Keaton said the parks director is incompetent and said the Council reminds him of the incompetent hiring the incompetent. He referred to the hiring system as the buddy system. S Benjamin Holifield said the yellow flower boxes he was involved in planting around the city were removed even though he had permission from business owners to plant them. He said they were picked up at 5 a.m. and dumped at a property on Compton Boulevard. S Boone called Craig Cornwell untrustworthy and said Lillie Dobson is “nice but she still has to go.” She loves Yvonne Arceneaux but she has to go because she has been there too long. She apologized to Alita Godwin because she is not given the tools by the Council for elections, and she called Eric Perrodin “a liar who has no respect for residents.” SKelly wonders why the intelligent people of Compton do not come out to help the city, and read a California Watch article where Janna Zurita said her name is Hispanic from her grandmother, and her father looks Hispanic even though he wants to be Black and considers her mother Black. She said Zurita’s sister jokes with her, saying she has a flat booty with straight hair “just like Mexicans used to look.” S During a public hearing regarding Community Development Block Grant funds being reallocated for ambulances and street repair, Boone got up and said the fund account that it was coming from did not exist and she began yelling and saying it was coming from CareerLink. Zurita called a recess, and said she can follow the rules of decorum. Boone called her stupid.

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