2012-04-11 / Opinion

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

After reading the lawsuit filed against the city of Compton regarding the redistricting of this great city I felt it would be good for the citizens of Compton to support Measure B. The city is currently faced with financial restraints and this is not the time to incur more debt by defending another lawsuit.

The city of Compton is broken into four districts and each district is represented by a councilperson. The voting process for the city is referred to as “at-large voting.” This means that the residents can vote for any one of the candidates for whichever seat that candidate is seeking.

If the residents support Measure B, Compton’s voting process will be changed to a “by district” voting process, requiring that the candidate reside in the district they are seeking to represent and only the registered voters residing within that district can vote for that candidate. The seats of the mayor, city clerk, treasure, city attorney would be the exception to this process. Voting for those particular seats would remain at-large voting.

Further, if Measure B is passes, this would require two additional council members. The at-large vote will only be for the mayor, city clerk, city attorney and city treasure. I hope the city hires a districting consultant to conduct a demographic study.

Voters can expect to see the first phase of district elections in 2013.

If Measure B does not pass in June or November of this year, it is highly possible that the city will spend millions of dollars in legal fees. This city cannot afford to spend money on legal fees especially when the it is broke.

This is a neighborhood project. Your voice counts! On June 5, 2012 make sure your voice is counted by voting yes on Measure B.

Jasper Jackson Compton

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