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Friday, September 18, 2020

By Allison Bratcher


LYNWOOD—Lynwood City Manager, Jose Ometeotl, has been placed on administrative leave after suggesting that two Compton deputies who were shot in the head deserved it.

“The chickens have come home to roost,” Ometeotl wrote in on Instagram following the shooting. The meme was placed over an image of Malcolm X.

The expression is normally used to mean that the bad things that someone has done in the past have come back to bite or haunt the individual.

Within hours of Ometeotl’s social media post, Lynwood city councilman Sal Alatorre called a special meeting of the city council to consider what actions should be taken against Ometeotl.

Alatorre said that the city manager’s comments, even on a personal account, reflect on the city.

“When you pay somebody close to a quarter-million-dollars they’re responsible 24 hours a day,” Alatorre said.

A former Mayor and councilmember in Lynwood, Maria Santillan, told FOX 11 of the post, "When I read it my blood was boiled. I have a few family members who are law enforcement officers in the Sheriff's Department who are risking their lives to protect and serve our community. I was very upset over it.”

This is apparently not the first time the city manager has gone rouge. Alatorre said Ometeotl has previously sent a letter using a city letterhead to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to support the defunding of police.

When asked if he wanted Jose Ometeotl fired he answered, "I do".

Community Development Director Michelle Ramirez has been appointed acting city manager.

A change.org petition calling for Ometeotl’s resignation has received over 1,400 signatures as of Wednesday.