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World Oil CEO's Robert and Steven Roth with Compton Mayor Aja Brown and Centennial High School Drum Band Leader at the 5th Annual World Oil Recycling Community Open.
Wednesday, July 25, 2018

On a hot, bright Saturday morning hundreds of parents and children converged on the facilities of Compton’s World Oil facility for a community celebration of neighborliness. As the music played, food flowed, and competition ensued with games and raffles, more than 700 children were the beneficiaries of school backpacks and supplies.

“It’s our mission to ensure that our neighbors and environment are provided with essential tools and resources, like school supplies, to do just that,” said Robert Roth, World Oil CEO.

“Our annual community open house is one of the many ways World Oil helps the community thrive.

This 5th annual community event also provides neighbors and community officials an inside look of the plant, an industry leader in recycling used oil, antifreeze and waste water.

“Events like our community open house provide residents with a personal look at our facility, our operations, and face-to-face access to the World Oil team. We look forward to hosting fun-filled family events every year. We really enjoy every opportunity to meet our neighbors and educate the community on what used oil recycling looks like,” said Steve Roth, World Oil CEO. 

It was also a busy morning for entertaining at local events for the Centennial High School Drum Band.