Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Photos and reporting by Melina Cervantes for The Compton Bulletin

From negative to positive, was a transition Los Angeles Artist, Jordan “La” Sweets Robinson used to describe the process of creating his works of art. “When I have these thoughts about these ideas that once were depressing and make them into colorful, you almost recycle the way you feel about personal experiences.” Standing inside the gallery Mr. Robinson drew in and captivated guests with his easy but passionate speech and openness to explain how he came to do the work he does and the meaning behind it. While acnowledging that his art is often born in  a place of darkness it is the

vibrant color that caused patrons to form around  him, drawn to the quality of his work and the confidence with which he proudly spoke of it.

Highlighting not only the show but the transition of the Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center, artists like Mr. Robinson displayed a variation of visual arts. The once unattractive transit center was filled with artists like Lajon Miller doing live painting, Illustrator Mecca Robinson selling merchandise with her original art, and Glass City Kid artist  working on pieces of wood.

Mohammed Mubarak’s murals outlined the train tracks with grandiose colors and figures. His choice of Motown style music playing on a  speaker, perfectly staged the backdrop and reflected the community values that resonated throughout the event.

While this first Compton Art Pop-Up was the days’ destination for many, more guests continued to “Pop-Up” out of mere curiosity while passing by; some drawn by the wafting aromas of food vendors like Comfort Food LA, a Los Angeles-based food truck serving organic soul food.

Community support was evident with the presence of Cynthia Nunn, Founder and President of the Sylvia Nunn Angels, the non-profit organization that sponsored the Compton Artists Alliance for this event and Greta Johnson Mandell of the Compton Arts Council.

This innaugral collaboration of Mayor Aja Brown and the Compton Artists Alliance provided both a forum for local artists to exhibit and intereact with the community, and a destination for residents and families to celebrate a growing arts scene in the City of Compton.